Data Integrity


INTEGRITY - Ladbrokes are part of Ladbrokes plc.

Ladbrokes (The largest off-track bookmaker with around 2000 high street Ladbrokes shops).

Other Betting and Gaming licences in Europe, Latin America, the USA, South Africa and the Middle East. Ladbrokes has led the way in not only meeting the most stringent licensing criteria for these various legal jurisdictions, but also influencing the guidelines to promote higher standards for consumers. No name delivers you greater reassurance than Ladbrokes.

Everything you need in one place, with just one account from a company you can trust brings you the full spectrum of the exciting world of betting and gaming in one place, using a single account. And, because these services are brought to you by Ladbrokes, the world's largest bookmaker, you can be sure that your account will be handled with complete security, discretion and integrity. (Please note, poker accounts are limited to 1 per person. Any subsequent accounts will be closed and investigated by our security team).

Our Poker Site is monitored by independent auditors.

Taking responsibility seriously believes in responsible gambling. Gambling should be an exciting pastime, and we urge our customers to have fun, but not bet beyond their means. We work closely with Gamcare to ensure that this site protects those who are vulnerable to problem gambling.


Player Accounts

In the interest of fairness, players are restricted to one active Ladbrokes Poker account. Poker aliases cannot be changed once an account is active. Any duplicate poker accounts will be closed on detection.



Collusion is easier to detect online using sophisticated software to analyse play history and suspicious activities. Our monitoring system tracks betting patterns, card history, player combinations and final hands for all players that called the river card, as well as numerous other fields, to enable us to detect collusion quickly. We also employ poker professionals to check play in real time. (Unlike some other poker sites, there are no players playing for the operator - i.e. Ladbrokes.) There are also no "Robot" players in the Ladbrokes online poker rooms.

Any player that attempts collusion will be immediately suspended and permanently banned from the service. No correspondence will be entered into.

All reports of collusion will be thoroughly investigated.

If you suspect that other players may be acting in collusion, email us at


"Bot" Policy

A poker account is to be used exclusively by the registered account holder and the use of any automated "bots" is prohibited.

In all cases where Ladbrokes Poker security department is satisfied that an account is being used in any other way than by the sole registered account holder the account will be closed.

This will be done in every case regardless of how much rake the account has contributed.

Any nickname that contains the word "bot" with no proper meaning in English, will be automatically frozen for investigation by Ladbrokes collusion department.

Should Ladbrokes collusion department be satisfied that the account is being used only by its sole account holder, and that no use of an automated "bot" was done with it, we will then allow to unfreeze the account, with a new nickname.


Chip Dumping

Ladbrokes do not tolerate Chip dumping. Anyone involved in this type of activity will have their account suspended and risk forfeiting all of their funds. Any queries should be directed to the Poker Managers by contacting or telephone 0800 49659. 


Fraud have the right to suspend a player's account indefinitely if it is determined at the sole discretion of that the player has been involved in fraudulent activity within the service. In order to protect you from fraud, Ladbrokes has a strict poker banking regime, which is designed to ensure that fraudulent monies do not enter your poker environment. All players are required to submit evidence of identification, residence and card ownership. 

Players are responsible for maintaining the secrecy and security of their account information and passwords. is not responsible for the unauthorised use of the players' account or any losses that may result from such use.

Should you suspect players of fraudulent activities please forward play information to



Cards are randomly drawn from the deck as needed by using a stream cipher that is periodically reseeded with a digest of real world information. Random number generation is isolated from any game logic or player information in the system. Independent Auditors have reviewed the random number generation code and are regularly reviewing the randomness of the cards dealt.



The Random Number Generator (RNG) is the lifeblood of Ladbrokes Poker, it is a carefully tested part of the poker application, which is relied upon to ensure that 52 card values are generated and used in a random way to facilitate a fair game of poker among players.

This process is checked regularly to ensure that each card in the standard deck of 52 cards has an equal chance of appearing and that there are no modifications to this process that could create predictable results. Cards are randomly drawn from the deck as required, using a stream cipher which is periodically reseeded with a digest of real world information, this is known as an entropy pool and serves two purposes, firstly to increase the randomness of the RNG and secondly to make it impossible for any third party to guess, predict or calculate the RNG sequence. Random number generation is isolated from any game logic or player information recorded on our systems.

This is how the current RNG works with our poker product: 52 cards are thoroughly shuffled at the beginning of each hand. Hole cards are then dealt to each player. The flop, turn and river cards (or further streets in Stud games) are now predetermined, so there is no further shuffling of the deck until the hand is completed... just like a real life game. There are no burn cards required and any folded cards are not returned to the deck until the shuffle process begins again.


Raked Hand

Ladbrokes may run promotions and incentives based upon the following definition of a raked hand: "A hand in which a player has received cards and where the rake on the pot is equal to or greater than 25c (or equivalent quarter unit of table currency)". A raked hand would typically (but not necessarily in all cases) refer to this definition, in any circumstance where this definition is not used for the purposes of a promotion, those calculations will be made available to communicate the different method used.