€3,000 VIP Race

Our VIP Race, where Poker Royalty comes to play!

Our VIP Race is open to all Marquess/Duke/King and Emperor level VIP players.

As the true test of royalty in the poker game, our most auspicious VIP players are invited each month to do battle for the €3,000 prizepool spoils.

The monthly VIP Points race runs from the first of each month up to and including the last day of the month.


See how you are currently doing in the race, in our wall of honour below. Top 10 players only are eligible for a share of the prizepool spoils.



























Not Marquess/Duke/King or Emperor level yet? Make sure you receive a VIP level upgrade, so you can enter the runnings, too.

These majestic benefits herald just the beginning. Ladbrokes Poker offers its highest VIP level players all manner of promotions and rewards.

Terms and Conditions

1.The €3,000 VIP Race runs from the 1st of every month at 00:00 (GMT) until the last day of each month at 23:59 (GMT)

2.These races are based on Ladbrokes status points accumulated in the specified period.

3.Only points generated by the player while at VIP Marquess/Duke/King or VIP Emperor status during the race period, will be considered for this promotion.

4.Leaderboards will be updated every 60 minutes.

5.In case of a tie between players' leaderboard Status Points in paid places, all players with this same number of points will be issued an average amount of their prize (according to their positions).

6.Ladbrokes reserves the right to refuse payment to any player who is found to be partaking in collusion.

7.Payments will be made up to 7 days following completion of the leaderboard.

8.Ladbrokes may amend or cancel this promotion at any given time and at its sole discretion.

9.All decisions made by Ladbrokes Poker are final.

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