Ladbrokes Tournaments

Win big in our big guaranteed poker tournaments!


Ladbrokes offer their players the best of the best, with a wide and exciting range of MTT's with massive guarantees totalling a combined monthly prize pool of over €3,000,000!


Sundays' line up:


Start Time (GMT/Admin)  Name Buy-in Type
12:00 €5,000 Deep Run €50 Freezeout (2 x Multi-Entry)
16:00 €5,000 Tea Time €20 Freezeout (2 x Multi-Entry)
16:30 €5,000 Sniper €10 Knockout (2 x Multi-Entry)
17:00 €5,000 Deep Run €30 Freezeout 
17:30 €3,000 Starter €10 Freezeout 
18:00 €10,000 Phoenix €20 Rebuy
18:30 €10,000 Special One €10 Freezeout (4 x Multi-Entry)
19:00 €25,000 Sunday Premium €50 2 Day (4 x Multi-Entry)
19:15 €2,000 Pinball €3 Rebuy
19:30 €10,000 Predator €20 Knockout
20:00 €15,000 Master €100 Rebuy x 2
20:30 €5,000 Madness €20 Rebuy
21:00 €5,000 Money Time €50 Freezeout (2 x Multi-Entry)
23:00 €5,000 Night Club €50 Freezeout (2 x Multi-Entry)

* €30,000 Sunday Premium is a 2 day event. Play will pause at 00:00 GMT Monday and resume at 19:00 GMT Monday evening.


Daily Classics:


Day Time (GMT) Lobby Name Buy In Type
Mon-Sat 18:00 €5,000 Phoenix €20 Rebuy
Mon-Sat 18:30 €5,000 Special One €10 Freezeout (4 x Multi-Entry)
Mon-Sat 19:30 €5,000 Predator €20 Knockout
Mon-Sat 20:00 €3,000 Phoenix €10 Rebuy
Mon-Sat 20:30 €3,000 Madness €20 Rebuy
Mon-Sat 22:00 €2,000 Bounty Hunter €20 Knockout


High Rollers:


Day Time (GMT) Lobby Name Buy In Type
Mon - Sat 15:00 €3,000 Warm-Up €50 Freezeout (2 x Multi-Entry)
Mon - Sat 19:00 €10,000 Championship €50 Freezeout (4 x Multi-Entry)
Mon - Sat 20:00 €5,000 Master €100 Rebuy x 2
Mon - Sat 21:00 €3,000 Money Time €50 Freezeout (2 x Multi-Entry)
Mon - Sat 23:00 €3,000 Night Club €50 Freezeout (2 x Multi-Entry)
Mon 20:00 €5,000 Grand Master €300 Rebuy x 2


Ladbrokes Poker! The place to find the most exciting and generous poker tournaments!

Every day no matter at what time, there will be a poker tournament to suit your every need, be it Multi TableSingle Table Tournaments, Shorthanded, Full Ring, Freezeout, Rebuy, Regular or Knockout, we have it all.

There are suitable tournaments for every possible kind of poker bankroll and every type of player. Some of the largest scheduled guaranteed prize tournaments can carry a pretty steep buy-in cost, but you can win your seat in all the big tournaments by playing the satellites which play regularly during the week and for much smaller buy-ins. You can also try our VIP Freerolls playing several times weekly. You can participate in these at absolutely no risk, and possibly walk away with a big cash prize.

There are many other kinds of tournaments which include:

Freezeout Tournaments -  where players start with a certain number of chips and are eliminated from the action as soon as they lose the last of their stack of chips.

Re-buy Tournaments – In our re-buy events, players can purchase additional chips should they lose their entire stack, or should the number of their chips drop below a certain number. These re-buy tournaments normally feature an ‘add-on', which is available to all players regardless of how big their stack might be. The add-on allows a one-off purchase of additional chips and is available at the first break, which coincides with the end of the re-buy period.

Added to the regular tournaments you also have the satellite tournaments leading to all the biggest guarantee tournaments.

Always fun and always rewarding to play poker at Ladbrokes!